The Movies go to The Simpsons!

Beginning in December of 1989 and continuing through today, the Simpsons is the longest running scripted American prime-time series in history. Although some say the Simpsons have been in decline for years, we beg to differ.  Jokes fly by at such a breakneck speed, it’s almost impossible for anyone to keep up with the myriad of… Continue reading The Movies go to The Simpsons!

Steve Martin: Wild & Crazy Guy is Nobody’s Jerk

Steve Martin started his long and storied career as a magician at Disneyland in California. He turned television writer most notably with the Smothers Brothers and then became one of the biggest draws in stand up comedy history filling stadiums (yeah football stadiums) with fans. Martin became a top box office comedy star. He earned… Continue reading Steve Martin: Wild & Crazy Guy is Nobody’s Jerk

Jamie B. Chambers: Actor/Producer/Good Guy

On our most recent podcast (listen here) we had an opportunity to sit down with actor/producer Jamie B. Chambers and we learned a lot more about being a good person than being a good actor. Don’t get us wrong, Jamie is a great actor whose filmography includes Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, Star Wars: Episode VII -… Continue reading Jamie B. Chambers: Actor/Producer/Good Guy

Who is the Most Iconic Horror Villain in Movie History?

Oh Brother kicked off a month of horror with a podcast episode on the recent hit The Invisible Man starring Elisabeth Moss. A departure from the classic H.G. Wells version, but we both thought it was a good take and more modern look than the classic hit.  More recently, we recorded an episode on another… Continue reading Who is the Most Iconic Horror Villain in Movie History?

Halloween ’78 (Steelbook Best Buy Exclusive)

It’s October and Oh Brother is getting ready for a tribute to horror films. Since October is synonymous with Halloween, we intend to make the classic thriller the focus of an entire episode and include it in another comparing some of the most popular and well-known horror films. In 1978 a little known filmmaker named… Continue reading Halloween ’78 (Steelbook Best Buy Exclusive)

And the Oscar goes to…

The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences recently announced inclusion standards to be eligible to win an Oscar for Best Picture. In order to be considered for a Best Picture award, films will now have to meet a minimum number of criteria as determined by an Academy task force.  According to the academy, “The… Continue reading And the Oscar goes to…