Jamie B. Chambers: Actor/Producer/Good Guy

On our most recent podcast (listen here) we had an opportunity to sit down with actor/producer Jamie B. Chambers and we learned a lot more about being a good person than being a good actor. 

Don’t get us wrong, Jamie is a great actor whose filmography includes Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens, and Fury along with a number of other Indie films and blockbusters. We were looking for someone to come on the podcast to get insight into being an actor in the current state of films. Mission accomplished, but we also got a look into what makes someone successful in any venture. 

Our interview started with a tiny snafu. After talking with Jamie for close to 30 minutes we realized we forgot to hit record! Yep, here we get a guy who knows the industry and been on screen with some of today’s top actors and we made a mistake so big we both sort of expected Jamie to say “it’s been great guys, but I’m in the middle of five projects”.

Pointing out this mistake, that will stay with us, is kind of a metaphor for Jamie’s larger view on not just acting, but life in general. Instead of hanging up and blocking us for life he said, “no problem guys I’ve set aside plenty of time for this”.  He has a pay it forward attitude that isn’t just refreshing for an actor, but for a decent human being. 

No surprise when we asked him who he looked up to the first name out of his mouth was Arnold Schwarzenegger. Whether you love or hate Arnold, certainly there is way more love than hate, one thing you cannot deny is the drive to succeed he’s put into anything he does. A former Mr. Universe whose English was so rough when cast as Conan the Barbarian, they dubbed over his voice with another actor.  Did that get in his way? His career speaks for itself and came full circle when people demanded Conan be released with Arnold’s voice!

Jamie Chambers has the same drive and commitment to succeed.  He told a story which really sums up his commitment to the arts and acting. Many people find themselves in a job they really have no passion for, but Jamie made a life changing decision after watching a Jason Statham movie. Jamie describes a particular scene in The Transporter where he pointed at the screen and knew that’s what he wanted to do. Instead of making a six month plan to get there, he called his workplace and said he was done and that he wouldn’t be back.

When you make a decision to burn a bridge, you better have confidence in your ability and an ambition to succeed. Jamie said he found himself on a movie set within a month. He put himself in a situation where failure was not an option.  More often than not when you have the confidence to choose your path you succeed because failure is not an option.

At a time when Hollywood is facing an uncertain future, Jamie is currently in various phases of development on at least five different projects. One project Jamie spoke passionately about is a documentary film entitled The Beast: When Eddie Met Arnie about 2017 World’s Strongest Man Eddie Hall. Jamie said the film follows Eddie’s battles with depression before pursuing a dream of acting inspired by one of his heroes Arnold Schwarzenegger. Jamie, who spoke to us about his own admiration for Arnold is a producer on The Beast.

After giving us two hours of his time he was so inspiring we’re eagerly awaiting his forthcoming projects. Write down the name Jamie B. Chambers and don’t be surprised when he becomes an overnight success. I say that in jest because there is no such thing.  The way you succeed at acting/producing is the same way you succeed at anything. Do what you love and eventually you’ll find yourself enjoying the fruits of your passion.

Thanks to Jamie for his kindness and generosity in granting “Oh Brother” our first interview. He’ll be back!

Watch our full interview with Jamie here https://youtu.be/AXhGqOotPcA

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