The Best Movie is now the Best 4k

The new Criterion 4K edition of Citizen Kane has an amazing amount of bonus material If you've recently watched the Oh Brother podcast on YouTube, you may have spotted a poster for the film Citizen Kane. This is because in my opinion and the opinion of many (IMDB Meta critic score is 100 & Rotten… Continue reading The Best Movie is now the Best 4k

On The First Day of Christmas The Movies Gave to Me:

A Charlie Brown Christmas - 1965 When I was a kid, Christmas was not just about presents and parties it was about those great animated TV shows! It wasn't like today where they play repeatedly.  You got one shot during the holidays until the following year.  And there were always commercials for Dolly Madison cakes, which they… Continue reading On The First Day of Christmas The Movies Gave to Me:

Spider-Man: A Billion Ways Home?

Spider-Man: No Way Home coming December 17, 2021 As of the writing of this blog, we are exactly one month away from the new Spider-Man movie and not a minute too soon for the MCU, but also the box office. Despite recent headlines predicting surges in COVID cases for some parts of the country as… Continue reading Spider-Man: A Billion Ways Home?

What Happened to Walt’s Disney?

It all started with a mouse No, the title isn't what happened to Walt Disney? I’m asking what happened to the dream of a special place where a dad could take his daughters and experience a place of magic and wonder. In case you never heard the story, when Walt's daughters were very young Saturday… Continue reading What Happened to Walt’s Disney?

Halloween Villains that Just Wont Die!

Do you have a favorite horror franchise? As we get ready for a new entry in the Halloween franchise is there one you have to watch every year? Michael Myers may be the ultimate villain that just won't go away. He's been shot (many times), Blown up (a few), had his head chopped off, and… Continue reading Halloween Villains that Just Wont Die!