Hosts Dan & Mike Smith

Long time film fans, my older brother Mike and I launched the “Oh Brother” podcast in 2020. The show’s primary objective was originally to share our enthusiasm for film and cinema while hopefully keeping you entertained. Two years on and well into season three, the show has evolved into a pop culture podcast covering movies, television, video games and more! We also enjoy interviewing artists with diverse backgrounds in film and television who work both in front of and behind the scenes. We invite you to join us each week and subscribe to the podcast so you never miss an episode. We’d love to hear from you as well, so email us or drop us a comment on social media or on the Oh Brother YouTube channel.

Our Story

Mike and I were raised in suburban New England and some of our earliest memories involve movies and film-making. Whether it was outings to the drive-in theater with our parents, trips to the local cinema or shooting home movies we always shared a passion for film. Despite our shared love of film, like most brothers we don’t always share the same opinions!

After relocating to Central Florida, Mike and I continued to immerse ourselves in movies and film-making. Mike pursued his love of acting and we both studied film in college. We have a deep love of the classics, but wouldn’t consider ourselves film snobs. I enjoy the occasional Van Damme flick while Mike’s personal movie collection includes Legally Blonde 1 and 2 – “Oh Brother!” True story folks. From film noir, documentaries, action/adventure, drama, romantic comedies and everything in between we’re simply fans of movies.

We share the same mother, but not always the same opinions. “Oh Brother!”

Hosts – Mike & Dan Smith

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