Halloween Villains that Just Wont Die!

Do you have a favorite horror franchise? As we get ready for a new entry in the Halloween franchise is there one you have to watch every year? Michael Myers may be the ultimate villain that just won’t go away. He’s been shot (many times), Blown up (a few), had his head chopped off, and most recently burned in a cell. Yet, he always finds a way back? Halloween Kills will be the 12th time for Michael Myers on the big screen and spoiler alert it won’t be his last. We know this because Halloween Ends is scheduled already for next year. But will it really end? Only time will tell, but my money is on Michael Myers as the ultimate villain who just won’t die!

Halloween End hits theaters next year, but will it really be the end?

After Michael Myers made his debut in 1978, he was followed by a host of copy cat killers who also have a problem dying. Friday the 13th made its way to movie theaters in 1980 and although we haven’t seen Jason in a while, after the recent success of the Halloween franchise how much longer will he wait? Jason was just a guy with a bag over his head until Friday the 13th part III when he donned his hockey mask for the first time. Like Michael Myers, Jason saw his demise come in many forms with my favorite being drowned with a good chunk of chains around his neck only to be dragged to New York a long way from Camp Crystal lake.

Jason Voorhees took three movies to get his hockey mask gimmick

While Jason was killing fornicating young adults out camping, a new villain decided to go after teens in their sleep. In 1984 we saw Freddy Krueger terrorize teens who just wanted to get a little shut eye in A Nightmare on Elm Street. Apparently, Freddy was actually a victim before he started to terrorize the kids after their parents tried to bake the poor janitor in the school dungeon. After Jason and Freddy eventually went head to head in Jason v Freddy, we haven’t really heard from either one since. An attempt was made to reboot A Nightmare on Elm Street, but he just didn’t have the charisma of his former self. Rumor has it a new iteration is on the way called Elm Street, but the pandemic put things on hold.

In 1988 it was time for a doll to take center stage by the name of Chucky in the Child’s Play franchise. Although Chucky was supposed to be a kids friend until the end, the end came to everyone whoever owned the doll (usually Andy Barclay). Chucky found a way to use voodoo to kill a girlfriend and make her into a doll, so Chucky and his creation Tiffany started to kill as a couple. Although Chucky recently got a reboot including a new voice, the Chucky we all know and love is making his debut this week on the Syfy network. So are there two Chuckys? Im confused, but the one thing I am certain of is Chucky still has killing to do.

Chucky hits the small screen on SYFY

Finally, James Wan brought us a killer with a pretty solid workshop in 2004 with the Saw franchise. The killer Jigsaw was a master at making devices that gave his victims a chance to survive if they solved a puzzle before some kind of device tore their head off or removed all their limbs. Even after Jigsaw was dead, they found a way to make his victims carry on his gadget killing for a couple more movies. Just last year we got a new spin off from the Book of Saw: Spiral starring Chris Rock. You can take the life out of the serial killer, but you just can’t stop him from killing.

Saw has given way to Book of Saw

For me, I try to catch all 11 (now 12) of the Halloween films each year, but with the number of iterations and extras to get through, I might have a better chance of killing Michael Myers. Who’s your favorite horror villain? Let us know here at “Oh Brother”.

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