Nicolas Cage in Willy’s Wonderland (2021)

Not long ago every kid in America wanted to have their birthday celebration at Chuck E. Cheese where for a fee of $10 per person they could invite as many people as they want for unlimited pizza and video games. But there was another “entertainment” at no extra charge. A group of five or so animatronic (not sure Walt Disney who coined the term would call them that) singing characters would serenade the birthday boy or girl with a rendition of Happy Birthday. 

What was supposed to be part of the entertainment became pretty universally known as creepy with parents saying the rodent looking characters gave their children nightmares. Needless to say, the corporation behind Chuck E. Cheese took the hint and rebranded the restaurant without the creepy band and instead had walk around characters. 

A new movie starring Nicolas Cage called Willy’s Wonderland may get a fond reception from those youngsters once terrorized by the singing animatronics. Cage plays a drifter driving through a small town when he comes across a spike strip that blows out all four of his tires. After getting towed to a shady mechanic, the drifter realizes he cannot afford to have his car fixed and appears to be stranded in this small town. 

Luckily, the mechanic proposes a possible solution to his situation. The owner of nearby Willy’s Wonderland needs someone to perform janitorial work in order to reopen the restaurant after being vandalized by local teens. Tex Macadoo (Ric Reitz), Willy’s owner, stops by to propose a deal to the drifter. Clean the restaurant and do some overnight janitorial work and in return he’ll pay for the work on his sports car and even deliver it come morning.

That’s the set-up of the new movie Willy’s Wonderland out now on demand from director Kevin LewisThe drifter (Cage) finds out he’s been locked inside with some pretty musty arcade games and a group of demonic animatronic mascots. He goes about his duties as janitor with nothing but cleaning supplies and some high energy pop to give him a boost while working.

Director Kevin Lewis

It doesn’t take long for the janitor to recognize something isn’t quite right with the animatronics.  He soon finds himself in a death match against each one including a battle with the lead mascot Willy and only one will survive. Who will win this fight?  A demonic group of dusty animatronics or the power pop chugging pinball wizard janitor?  See for yourself.  Willy’s Wonderland is now available on demand. Game on!

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