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Wonder Woman 84 2020

Wonder Woman 84 (WW84) is a good example about everything that is wrong with the DCU. It has very little connection to the first DCU Wonder Woman  2017 and has no connection to the DC universe overall. Marvel on the other hand has made over 20 movies with threads running through each film to make up an actual universe. In WW84 Diana (Gal Godot) is working at the Smithsonian Museum (maybe WW3 will explain?) and meets a bumbling new employee Barbara (Kristen Wiig) who meets a TV pitch man (Pedro Pascal) on her first day and loans him an artifact of the museum (because it’s her first day and of course that’s fine) which brings him the power to make people’s dreams come true. Confused? Then we won’t talk about how Wonder Woman brings back her boyfriend from the 1st film Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) when she makes a wish while holding the artifact before its loaned to Barbara’s new found boyfriend. The movie actually gets worse! Do yourself a favor and skip this awful sequel and watch just about any other film. 

Mike  1/5    Dan   1/5