Film Reviews – R

Raya and the Last Dragon (2021)

Disney’s latest “premiere” animated feature set in the fictitious world of Kumandra where dragons and humans once lived in harmony. When monsters called Druun threatened humans by turning them to stone the dragons sacrificed themselves to save the humans. 500 years later the Druun have returned and Raya (Kelly Marie Tran) goes in search of a rumored last dragoon (Awkwafina) in hopes to stop the Druun for good. Although with excellent voice work, but a convoluted story and less than spectacular animation and a complete lack of the normal Disney musical numbers this movie fails to be entertaining to adults. Children will like the use of dragons, but likely won’t be able to follow the convoluted plot. Coming off the heals of Pixar’s much stronger Soul this one falls flat. The only thing “premiere” about this feature is its overblown price. 

Mike   1/5   Dan   2.5/5     

Roxanne (1987)

A modern day take on Edmond Rostand’s play Cyrano de BergeracSteve Martinplays C.D. (Cyrano de Bergerac) Bales a small town fire chief with a less than competent staff. When his friend Dixie (Shelly Duvall) rents a place to a beautiful visitor Roxanne (Daryl Hannah) C.D. falls head over heels in love. C.D. cannot find the strength to approach her because of his large nose which has given him a bad complex over his looks. When the Chief hires an experienced fireman Chris (Rick Rossovich) who happens to be a hunk with a lower than average IQ other than how to fight a fire he also is taken by Roxannes beauty and asks C.D. for help in trying to ask Roxanne for a date. If you have ever read Rostand’s play and found yourself confused by the Shakespearean style writing do yourself a favor and watch both back to back. Not only will you understand Cyrano better, but you’ll understand the genius of Steve Martin as well.

Mike   5/5   Dan   5/5