Film Reviews – M

Miller’s Crossing 1990

Ask most people who like films depicting mobsters and they’ll likely talk about The Godfather or Goodfellas but fans of this genre may have missed the Coen brother’s brilliant 1990 film Miller’s Crossing. Starring Albert Finney as a mob boss with his top adviser played by Gabriel Byrne with a break out performance by John Turturro a low life wannabe player in the mob world. Leo (Finney), basically runs the town with advice from Tom (Byrne) until Verna (Marcia Gay Harden) comes between the two sending Tom to work with a competing member of the underworld. 

Mike 5/5           Dan 5/5

Mulan 2020

Disney’s live action remake of their 1998 animated musical classics. When the Chinese emperor notifies each village a male member must fight off a threat from invaders a young woman disguises herself as a make in order to save her frail father to having to represent their village. (See our Mulan podcast for an in-depth review).

Mike 1.5/5           Dan 5/5