Film Reviews – L

The Little Things 2021

Denzel Washington plays a small town deputy sheriff (Deke) who is sent to his former sheriffs office in Los Angeles to pick up evidence for a case in his department. After he arrives and finds the evidence is no longer needed he sticks around to assist his replacement Rami Malek (Baxter) to try and solve a case involving a serial killer and zero In on a suspicious suspect Jared Leto. While working the case Dekes past crosses paths with Baxter’s present causing “the little things” to have bigger meaning.

Mike 3/5       Dan 1.5/5 

Looking for Richard 1996

A documentary/play/film featuring Al Pacino as director and actor about his passion for Shakespeare’s Richard III. Al Pacino puts together a who’s who Shakespearean cast showing side by side portions of rehearsals, discussions, and performance of one of the tougher to understand and often misunderstood plays written by Shakespeare. Including many popular film stars like Alec Baldwin, Kenneth Branagh,  and Kevin Kline with some of the finest British stage performers to dig deep into the meaning behind the words of one of the worlds most prolific play writes.

Mike 5/5          

Luca 2021

From director Enrico Casarosa, Pixar’s Luca tells the story of a young boy who, with some coaxing from fellow “sea monster” Alberto, ventures above the waves to a seaside town on the Italian Riviera in search of their own Vespa in order to travel the world. On land, the boys assume a human form and must avoid getting wet and exposing their “sea monster” identities from the local townspeople. Luca and Alberto befriend a local girl name Julia and together they enter the annual Portorosso Cup race for a chance to earn the money for their dream Vespa. Luca is a heartwarming fish out of water tale with breathtaking animation of the Italian landscape, humor, and a story that keeps you invested in its endearing cast of characters.

Mike /5 Dan 4/5