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Joker 2019

A completely new Joker movie not connected with Jack Nicholson’s 1989 portrayal or Heath Ledger’s 2008 Academy Award winning portrayal in the Dark Knight. This movie gives us a back story into the clown prince and how he became the Joker. After Heath Ledger’s performance many actors might have passed on this project, but fortunately Joaquin Phoenix gave us his take and for the second time an actor took home the Academy Award for playing the iconic character. Mentally troubled Arthur Fleck (Phoenix) has a condition causing him to laugh uncontrollably in awkward situations is discarded by Gotham’s citizens causing him to go on a downward spiral leading to a city in chaos. A stand alone Joker movie not affiliated with the DCU turns out to be a smart move by director Todd Phillips.

Mike  4/5    Dan   4/5