Film Reviews – F

Fatman 2020

Fatman (Mel Gibson) is struggling financially to meet the demands of being Santa. After the government cuts his normal stipend he and Mrs Claus (Marianne Jean Baptist) reluctantly decide to take on some additional government work to make ends meet. Meanwhile a spoiled rich kid (Chance Hurstfield) not happy with receiving coal from Santa decides to hire a professional hit man (Walton Goggins) to take out Santa to get even. A dark comedy/western/action film that really takes multiple viewings to fully appreciate. Our podcast of Fatman came right after watching the film and as soon as we stopped recording we spent an additional hour talking through some details we couldn’t discus on our spoiler free podcast only to realize we were much more enthusiastic about the film. An original screenplay, great acting, and suburb direction makes this a must see multiple time’s to fully enjoy!     

Mike   5/5   Dan 5/5

Flight 2012

A “hero” pilot (Denzel Washington) has to make some critical maneuvers on a flight from Orlando to Atlanta when his plane malfunctions.  Even though he nearly saved every passenger on board he wakes up in the hospital handcuffed to the bed. Upon being told he tested positive for alcohol and cocaine in his system, he denies being impaired and a reconstruction of the crash shows how his quick thinking pulled off a nearly impossible move saving many lives who would have been lost. 

Mike 3.5/5