Film Reviews – D

Death Wish 2018

A remake of the 1974 film starring Charles Bronson as architect who’s wife and daughter get attacked by thugs who follow them home from a shopping trip turn Bronson into the ultimate vigilante. The original spawned 4 sequels with each one sillier than the last. The only thing sillier was this 2018 remake with Bruce Willis playing the character of Paul Kersey, now a surgeon instead of architect, makes the scenario even more ridiculous. Directed by Eli Roth this movie does not provide any of the sympathy we feel for Bronson in the original. Just a reason for a little Bloodlust. Do yourself a favor and skip this one.  

Mike 1/5

Drugstore Cowboy 1989

A group of 1970’s drug addicts led by Bob (Matt Dillon) travel from town to town robbing pharmacies in an effort to stay high 24/7. After an incident during one of their drug outings leads Bob to have second thoughts about his lifestyle due to his superstitious tendencies leaves the rest of the group including Bob’s wife Dianne (Kellie Lynch) with a decision to quit or continue their nomad ways. A brilliant indie film by director Gus Van Sant based on a James Fogle novel should not be missed.   

Mike 5/5 Dan 5/5