Ian and Eshom Nelms: From Ribs to Riches

On our most recent podcast we were honored to host the Nelms Brothers and talk about their most recent film Fatman 2020 along with their previous work.  We learned a lot about these brothers including their love of film along with their brotherly love. Two things we definitely have in common. When asked about their collaborations they… Continue reading Ian and Eshom Nelms: From Ribs to Riches

Brotherly Love: Familial Filmmaking

There seems to be a trend in Hollywood with brothers teaming up to make great movies.  It seems to have started with the Coen Brothers back in 1984 with their breakout hit the noir style Blood Simple. Followed by the quirky hilarious Raising Arizona in 1987, the raw gangster hit Miller’s Crossing in 1990. Along with cult classics Barton Fink 1991 and Hudsucker… Continue reading Brotherly Love: Familial Filmmaking

Belushi – A Showtime original documentary

Late actor John Belushi is the subject of a new Showtime original documentary from director R.J. Cutler who did a similar project about Marlon Brando called Listen To Me Marlon. The Brando documentary used recordings of Brando talking about himself and his career.  With BELUSHI we are promised the same idea to hear about Belushi’s career and life from… Continue reading Belushi – A Showtime original documentary

These Are a Few of Our Favorite (holiday) Films…

As we fly through November on our way to December, holiday movies are dominating our recent podcasts. It started with our October Halloween-fest, moved on to Thanksgiving movies and is now headed towards Christmas films. Each week since Halloween we have had tough decisions to make because this is the season for great movies. We… Continue reading These Are a Few of Our Favorite (holiday) Films…

“Oh Brother” Salutes Veterans Past, Present, and Future

Growing up with a Dad who was a Marine, we learned a lot about discipline, respect, and a brotherhood that runs very deep. We can't remember a car in our family not covered in Marine Corps bumper stickers and how it would lead to conversations with fellow servicemen and servicewomen who had an instant rapport… Continue reading “Oh Brother” Salutes Veterans Past, Present, and Future