Hosts Dan & Mike Smith

Our Story

Long time film fans, my older brother Mike and I launched our “Oh Brother” podcast in 2020. The show’s primary objective is to share our enthusiasm for film and cinema while hopefully keeping you entertained.

Mike and I were raised in suburban New England and some of our earliest memories involve movies and film-making. Whether it was outings to the drive-in theater with our parents, trips to the local cinema or shooting home movies we always shared a passion for film. Despite our shared love of film, like most brothers we don’t always share the same opinions!

After relocating to Central Florida, Mike and I continued to immerse ourselves in movies and film-making. Mike pursued his love of acting and we both studied film in college. We have a deep love of the classics, but wouldn’t consider ourselves film snobs. I enjoy the occasional Van Damme flick while Mike’s personal movie collection includes Legally Blonde 1 and 2 – “Oh Brother!” True story folks. From film noir, documentaries, action/adventure, drama, romantic comedies and everything in between we’re simply fans of movies.

Through our podcast, we aim to bring you a weekly dose of film and fun. We share the same mother, but not always the same opinions. “Oh Brother!”

Hosts – Mike & Dan Smith