From “Oh Brother” with Love

Dan & Mike Smith

Welcome to another Oh Brother blog.  We thank those of you who have taken your valuable time to read these frequent insights.  Our objective is to provide background to some of our podcast episodes, introduce you to new talent, bring awareness to current issues in the movie industry, and tip our hat to artists who inspired us.

In our first blog post, The Current State of Going to the Movies, we shared some early insights into what we hope is merely a temporary setback to the movie going experience.  Shortly after publishing that piece, it seemed daily we read about a cinema closing or an entire movie chain shutting their doors.  Not something we wished for, but we read the tea leaves ahead of most. This week alone saw the #1 movie at the box office take in just over one million dollars.  Heading into fall last year the top three movies pulled in a half billion dollars.   It’s not just the macro loss to movie studios, but a microeconomic impact on individuals trying to earn money for college tearing tickets and selling concessions.  The movie industry is just one of many hurting during the COVID pandemic.

We previously commented on another macroeconomic impact when Disney announced Mulan would be on their new streaming service, but only for “premiere” subscribers.  An addition to Disney+, had we known, may have impacted our decision to subscribe.  Disney CEO, Bob Chapek, even admitted to shareholders it was a move intended to recoup losses for the 200-million-dollar budget of Mulan.  Not sure 28,000 recently furloughed Disney World and Disneyland employees share the same concern over stock prices, especially on the heels of Disney executives bringing their salaries back to pre-pandemic wages.  The scale seems a bit unbalanced in favor of the macro.

On a positive note, we recently dedicated an episode and blog to a rising star, actor/producer Jamie B. Chambers.  As we watch him continue to rise, stay tuned for updates and future interviews with this inspiring artist.  Our most recent blog is dedicated to one of our favorite stars, Steve Martin, who has been making us laugh for decades and we hope he continues to pursue his other limitless talents. 

On perhaps a more self-serving note,  we’re asking you to tell a friend about our show, encourage them to follow us on social media @ohbpodcast and like and subscribe to our posts on YouTube.  We call it the Oh Brother Brag.  We started with an audio only podcast but opted to film them as a way for you to get to know us better and hopefully provide a little more entertainment.  We consider our YouTube channel to be the Director’s Cut of our podcast.  So, you may find it contains material not heard on the audio episodes including the occasional mistake or recording mishap.  Oh Brother!

We’re grateful for the show’s growth to date since our launch just five months ago.  If you enjoy the content we’re producing, we’d love to hear from you so drop us a line via our Contact page.  We’re also excited to grow our YouTube following and have set some ambitious goals for the remainder of this year and beyond.  But we need your help.  If you’ll take just a moment to subscribe to our channel here, like our videos and then let us know what you think.  We do this because we love it but want you to love it too!  Your feedback is important to us to ensure we’re bringing you the type of video content you’re seeking.

We have some exciting new films we’ll be talking about along with a few holiday classics coming your way in the weeks ahead.  We’ll close this blog the way we opened it by thanking you for supporting our show.  

Stay safe and stay tuned!

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